New $100,000 Guaranteed Exotic Wager

On Tuesday, February 15, the Maryland Racing Commission unanimously approved a multi-legged wager which will debut at Pimlico Race Course on the track's opening day, April 1, with a $100,000 guaranteed jackpot


An article by the Thoroughbred Times explains that the four-step wager has a base of 50 cents per combination, features an 18 per cent takeout rate, has no consolation payout, and requires the handicapper to successfully select the winner from the first leg, the exactor from the second leg, the triactor from the third leg and the superfecta in the fourth leg.

The report states that the combinations involved in wager, which has been dubbed the 'Slider,' are staggering. If each race averages eight betting interests then there are 252,887,040 available combinations, which is more than 964 times the available combinations available in a Pick 6 sequence with eight betting interests or about the equivalent of a Pick 6 with 25 betting interests in each race.

(With files from the Thoroughbred Times)

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