How About A $10-Million Guaranteed Payout?

If you had an opportunity to handicap an exotic wager which would return $10 million to you if you won, would you be interested?

According to a report by The Baltimore Sun, Frank Stronach, chairman of racetrack owner MI Developments Inc., has proposed the 'Quad Superfecta.'

If it gets allowed, the Quad Superfecta would be a $1 wager which would allow bettors to pick the finish of four horses in each of four designated races on Saturday afternoons and return a guaranteed $10 million to the winning ticket holder.

The report states that Maryland Racing Commission is looking into the proposal.

"The man is coming up with an idea to help the racing industry," MRC Commissioner Ernest Grecco was quoted as saying. "I see no reason why we shouldn't let him try."

(With files from The Baltimore Sun)