Brainard No Longer Bulletproof


"I understand people's concerns, but I just try to work with the horses and not be too concerned with their personal lives. I'm just trying to do what's best for the racehorses and do my job."

Those words come from trainer Paul Reid, who is training some of Bulletproof Enterprises' top mares from the 2009 season - mares that were campaigned last year by O'Brien Award nominee Tracy Brainard.

Reid was the man who trained down both Not Enough and Shacked Up and 2 and 3, and also trained down multiple stakes winner If I Can Dream for Bulletproof. On today's Trot Radio, Reid discusses the progress of last year's four fantastic sophomore pacers Not Enough, Showherthemoney, Shacked Up and Yellow Diamond in addition to his candid thoughts on training for Bulletproof.

The interview with Reid and Trot Radio's Norm Borg is available below.

Episode 118 - trainer Paul Reid

Running Time: 6:27

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Host: Norm Borg

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The whole "Bulletproof Situation" aside, any horse in Paul Reid's care couldn't be in a better place.

There is the 5 leter word which is the reason Lynne Magee. It is MONEY!!

Unfortunately, anyone connected to Bulletproof Enterprises, its sundry other companies and its owners is likely to be thought of as "guilty by association". It goes with the territory of associating oneself with anyone or anything that is not above board on all counts. I truly hope that Mr. Reid is doing what is right for the horses belonging to this outfit but we have all seen just how underhanded they have been over the years and to what lengths they will go to make money. So many have been burned, it makes one wonder why anyone would go anywhere near them. Hopefully, the innocent horses that are caught up in all of this will be cared for properly by Mr. Reid or sold to others who can do what is right.