WEG To Test Alternate Start Post

Trot Insider has learned that Woodbine Entertainment will conduct races with a starting post moved closer to the first turn at Woodbine Racetrack


Jamie Martin, Executive Vice-President of Racing for WEG confirmed that a race on Thursday, May 6 will be conducted as a non-wagering event. Set for 6:45, the start and finish will be 350 feet further down the stretch. Martin further indicated that an additional race might be carded for Monday, May 10.

In December 2008, WEG experimented with races at a seven-eighths distance in an effort to improve flow at Woodbine, a track with a reputation for favouring front-end speed.


I thought the moving of the start finish line last time was great. I was so disspointed to see it stop. Moving it even further.
Vondabob!!!As Dan stated. 28 second 1st quarters followed by 27 second quarters would really get the flow going. Any driver who does not get this concept will continually finish far behind. No opportunity for the leaders to get a breather.
races will go 28 the 27 then 27.3 followed by 26.3 home. for a 149.1
not 27.4 28.4 28.4 27.4 snoozer for 153.1
If I lay my money down I want to be entertained.
The WEG circuits are rated faster than the BIG M but they don't race that way.
Even the TTC is faster.

great news.
NO TRACK LACKS ENTERTAINMENT VALUE MORE THAN WOODBINE HARNESS...though Western Fair, without a passing lane, is a very close second.


Definitely a step in the right direction, it's Woodbines only chance to improve racing on a 7/8 mile track. I only hope they give it a chance, at least 6 months to a year, not just a few races here and there. After all, we've been watching boring racing for 16 years. Good luck WEG, I think it will be a success.

Fantastic!! We've needed this for a long time. The 350'change to the start/finish poles as opposed the 235' experiment they tried last year, should change things dramatically! The idea to have the drivers and horses hit the first turn before they can all get aligned is a step in the right direction.
Thanks Weg
Regards Des

The last time WEG tried this experiment it failed because they didn't move the start CLOSE enough to the turn. Ninety seven percent of the races the horses were all settled in on the rail before the first turn(26s first quarter 29-30s second quarter). It sounds like they are going to make the same mistake again. The computations shouldn't BEGIN at the existing start line and working closer to the turn (350 feet),they should be starting at the beginning of the turn and working back.

Move the start 130 feet from the turn and FINE TUNE it. Don't start from the existing start line and move closer!

Great initiative. I'd love to see some Woodbine races with :28 second first-quarters and :27 sec. second-quarters. When a :55 half is the result of a :26 - :29 combination you can't come hard on the leader who just had a nice breather. But when the leader just paced his second quarter in :27 you're bound to see some more third-quarter flow. It sure can't hurt to try anyway...well done WEG.