Rosecroft Referendum Shot Down

It has been reported that state lawmakers have voted against legislation which would have paved the way for a public referendum whether to allow card game tables at Maryland's Rosecroft Raceway, which recently filed for

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

An article on states that the measure died with the end of the 2010 legislative session late last night.

Last week, Kelley Rogers, president of Cloverleaf Enterprises, Inc., notified employees and standardbred horsemen that Rosecroft would be ceasing operations on April 19, 2010 if it wasn't for the help of the Maryland legislature.

“All of our faith and hope now rests in the hands of the Maryland Legislature. We need a miracle from our legislators. They have the ability to save us,” Rogers said last week via release.

The article cites Thomas Cooke, president of Rosecroft's owner, Cloverleaf Enterprises Inc., as saying he is disappointed in the legislature's decision, but that he hopes track officials and developer Mark Vogel are able to find a way to keep the track open.

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