Kindergarten Classic To Draw Tuesday

The Meadowlands is set for finals and consolations of the Kindergarten Classic after hosting the fifth and final preliminary and the series' standings solidifying.

Horses must be declared for the Kindergarten finals and consolations on Tuesday, Nov. 9 with the box closing at 9 a.m. (EDT). Horsepeople must enter in the Kindergarten final class to qualify for the consolation or the final. The top 10 from the standings will race in the final and the horses not among those will be directed to the consolation.

The final purses are all above the estimates this year. The consolation purses are 25 per cent of the purse pool from payments in each division and will range between $40,000 and $60,000 with an entry fee of just one per cent of the purse for the both the final and consolation.

Kindergarten conditions require that a horse start in two legs to be guaranteed eligibility for the finals. If the race is not filled by horses meeting the starts requirement, those horses entered that did not make two starts will be included in the order of points earned.

Horses must have started in a minimum of one leg to race in the final. There is no start requirement for the consolations.

Find the condition sheet here and stakes conditions here.

(The Meadowlands)

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