Paul Godfrey Named OLG Chair


The Ontario government today announced that National Post executive Paul Godfrey has been appointed to the position of Chair of the Board of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.

Five other new members were also announced.

An article by The Montreal Gazette states that Godfrey will retain his role with the National Post as well.

The OLG has been operating with an interim board since last August, when the previous board resigned after then-chief executive Kelly McDougald was fired by Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.

The OLG operates Ontario's slots-at-racetracks program.

(With files from The Montreal Gazette)


Still evaluating what it all means is what most of the leaders you speak of Marty are probably doing,just a guess though. Could be their too busy with meetings and fact finding committees and problem solving groups to offer an opinion. Myself as a minor particpant and observer of the sport welcome anyone with business savvy and the communication skills needed to give the gaming and therefore the racing industry a much needed kick start or at least get us back into the general public eye.
However in reading the article where Mr.Godfrey"s first stance is to take a position in favour of starting internet gaming which will be more competition for the wagering dollars I have a mixed reaction. We need to stablize and stop the freefall in wagering and increase both wagering and attendance. Another outlet to siphon cash away I'm fearful will not be helpful. I would like to see him convince regulators, particularly the C.P.M.A. to decrease takeouts and return more money to our dwindling customers and at the very least keep them around a little longer.
Sadly his position with the OLG will not have any direct impact on the necessary changes needed to overhaul or dismantle the existing regulatory bodies which are an impediment to growth and change which is badly needed in this sporting contest or gaming option or whatever we call ourselves.

Sick Response

The new chair of the OLG has been named. The single most powerful person in the bureaucracy that holds the future of harness racing in its hands, and we have 3 responses from the industry. Where are the supporters? The horse and track owners? The trainers and drivers? The marketers? And, yes, the leaders?
My intention in posting this was in my first response - Time to GET OFF THE POT!
I am but 1 voice, and I am using it!

Marty Adler
Track announcer
Windsor Raceway

This guy is all about online gambling.One team sports betting is on the horizon and the means the death to horse racing.

This is a good sign for the OLG & harness racing.
Good Luck Paul

Marie Stoyles-Moura

Please: Mr. Godfrey, Settle the Belleville slots and racetrack situation and get it built!!!

Get off the pot!
Great News for the racing industry. Paul Godfrey is a mover and shaker.
Now, if our leaders (not sure who they are?) would set up a meeting as soon as possible, to fill in the new chair with the state of the indusrty, moving forward!
And please, make sure the presentation is slick!

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