Board Quashes Whipping Fines

It was resolved at Friday’s Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) Board Meeting that all whip related fines imposed since January 1 will be rescinded


Chairman Graeme Campbell said that "while HRNSW supports the national rules, it is clear the penalty structure was inappropriate for unintentional breaches that have been so prevalent during the phasing-in period."

"That being said, we are very happy with the way our Stewards have interpreted and applied the rules."

"This is a good will gesture to our participants, not a concession of any kind that the decisions were erroneous, but on reflection, the transition period in New South Wales was not perfect."

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) remains committed to a comprehensive review of the whip rules at the end of March; however in the meantime, a new structure, representing a 50% reduction in penalties, has been ratified:
· First Offence: $100
· Second Offence: $200
· Third Offence: 7 Day Suspension
· Drivers will be deemed to have a clean record after 28 days without breaching the rule
Notwithstanding these guidelines, blatant or flagrant breaches of the rules may attract higher penalties.

"HRNSW will be writing to HRA to outline the concerns of participants in this state and we support the various horsemen’s associations having a voice at the table during the review process", Mr Campbell concluded.