Remington Officially World's Tallest

As the old adage goes, everything is bigger in Texas -- and its horses are apparently no exception


According to a report on NBC affiliate DFW, a 3,000-pound North Texas horse has officially been named the 'World's Tallest Living Horse' by Guinness World Records.

The article states that the horse in question, a clydesdale named Remington, has been measured at more than six-feet eight-inches from hoof to shoulder.

Owner Cheryl Davis made headlines this past July when Remington was being measured for the record. She had waited patiently for the results to come in, and now that Remington's record has been officially announced, Davis can't be more pleased.

"We are so thrilled and to be sure, the big boy will be getting some extra carrots today," Davis wrote on Remington's blog earlier this week.

To view video of Remington on the DFW website, click here.

(With files from NBC DFW)