Blue Chip Supports Breeders Association

Blue Chip Farms has issued a release expressing its support for the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State. The HHBNYS has expressed concern with upcoming changes that will see the organization no longer handle the New York Sire Stakes program.

The HHBNYS, which has administered the New York Sire Stakes program for the last five decades, will be replaced by Capitol Hill Management Services Inc.

The contents of the Blue Chip release appear below.

As the largest commercial Standardbred breeding farm in NY State for the last 20 years, our success and future growth couldn’t be more aligned with that of the New York Sire Stakes program.

This impending change made solely by The Agriculture and New York State Horse Breeding and Development Fund to replace Harness Horse Breeders of New York State (HHBNYS) is now here. The collective voice of the New York breeders and horsemen/women throughout the decision making process does not seem to have been solicited or recognized. And now, in this ‘twenty-fifth hour,’ we can only echo the same grave concerns as clearly and cogently stated recently by our peers.

We know firsthand how much knowledge, focus and effort has been required from the HHBNYS to build and run the administrative process of the NYSS, and maintain it as the best program available anywhere. The confidence in the program has been a main driver in our multiple millions of dollars of long term investment supporting the NYSS.

We look forward to more details about just how this will continue to be accomplished in the future. It is our hope the collective wisdom and experience of the HHBNYS, at the very least, will continue to be a large part of the solution.

Our more than 30 employees’ livelihood – as well as those of all of our local suppliers and our stewardship of 700 acres of open space – relies directly on the outcome. We thus stand ready, if finally asked, to help in any way possible.

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