New York Breeders Thankful For Support

Officials with the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State have said that the association has received a great deal of support since it was recently announced that it is concerned with changes that are in the works for the handling of the New York Sire Stakes.

It was announced this past weekend that the HHBNYS, which has administered the New York Sire Stakes program for the last five decades, will be replaced by Capitol Hill Management Services Inc. – a move that prompted the HHBNYS to call on all horsepeople to encourage them to let their voice be heard in the matter.

In stating that the HHBNYS has received a good deal of support, the organization has sent out the following release.

The support from the Standardbred industry members has been truly amazing and much appreciated by the Harness Horse Breeders of New York.

It seems with bad news also comes the realization of how we are all connected and how much we all love this sport.

The contract issues do not look good for us, but the Harness Horse Breeders will continue to support the New York program and devote all of our efforts and time representing our membership.

As breeders we are proud to have been the driving force in creating the NYSS program and will continue to watch over it.

Our office received many calls and emails of support over the last few days and we would like to share one letter (with firsthand knowledge of what can happen in a state) and thank the following people for their support and a special thank you to all those who contacted the Trustees directly.

Tom Grossman, Blue Chip Farm
David Hanson
Leatherstocking Equine
Edward Mower
All Leavitt, President Walnut Hall Limited
Keith Hamilton, past Agriculture and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund Trustee and USTA representative
Carol Cramer USTA Stakes Director
Nicola Adams, Perretti Farm
Seth Rosenfeld, Birnam Wood Farms

Letter of support shared by Perretti Farm

Dear Ronald;

I read with dismay that you are considering replacing the Harness Horse Breeders of New York with an outside firm. At Perretti Farms we have found the Harness Horse Breeders of New York are exemplary in the services that they offer the harness racing community. There is nothing else in the industry that compares to the wealth of information, always updated accurately and timely on their website. Also their printed publications, the stallion guide and periodic magazine provide very useful information in a very polished and professional manner.

Here at Perretti Farms, a 700-acre equine facility in Cream Ridge, NJ, just this past weekend we advertised one of our stallions standing in NY. Our ad included the statement that NY was the best sires stakes program in the nation. This is something that NY should be trying to protect. We have seen all too clearly in NJ what can happen when administrators and politicians turn their backs on their programs. NJ’s once thriving Standardbred industry has all but left the state.

In NY you have fostered and encouraged your harness industry and have achieved great results. Our advice is where you see excellence and leadership, don’t be tempted to replace it with a budget service.

Nicola Abrams
Perretti Farms

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