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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 120 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
A Malicious Mile Malicious Amile To Remember W C P Sep 23/16 $4,000
Labeauceronne Sold Conway Hall Striking Sibyl R 3 F T Sep 23/16 $10,000 +HST
Carnegie Hall Angus Hall Credibility Y 1 F T Sep 22/16 contact
Sids Sparkle Cams Card Shark Diamond Dawn B 10 M P Sep 22/16 $5,000
Sharks Play Shadow Play Shark Lady R 4 G P Sep 22/16 $6,500 obo
Stolen Goods Sold Sugarcane Leonard My Tribble R 9 M T Sep 22/16 $7,500
Nemo Du Ruisseau House Of Fun M B Anemone R 12 G P Sep 22/16 $3,000
Hp Mercedes Art Colony Sweet Baby Jules R 3 F P Sep 21/16 $20,000 obo
Lady Luna Yankee Cam Lady Of Art B 8 M P Sep 21/16 contact
Canaco Xenia Perfect Union Thankful Dream B 5 M P Sep 21/16 contact
Jemba Jemba Rocknroll Hanover Jen Bo Jenna R/B 5 M P Sep 21/16 contact
Just A Thought Ponder Sammartha Stewart R 3 G P Sep 21/16 $45,000
Queenofhearts Big Jim Six Of Hearts R 3 F P Sep 21/16 $15,000
Simply Sam Ponder Sammartha Stewart R 4 M P Sep 21/16 $7,200
Spartacus Jim Pro Bono Best Very Best Hanover R 9 G P Sep 21/16 $5,000
Pictonian Zena Western Paradise Southview Fashion R 6 M P Sep 21/16 $4,000
Go Rockin Robin Sold Rocknroll Hanover Tallulah Belle B 9 M P Sep 21/16 $3,500
Sonny The Kid Majestic Son Balanced Scale R 4 G T Sep 20/16 $10,500
Every Time Camystic Eternal Optimism R 3 F P Sep 20/16 $30,000 +HST
Wild Reputation Up Front Ben Wild About You R 6 M T Sep 20/16 $7,000 +HST
Olivias Way Shanghai Phil This Much Is True R 7 M P Sep 20/16 $5,000
Connery Blue Chip Sold Art Major Ascending R 7 G P Sep 20/16 $5,000
Ryans Rockette Sportswriter Stonebridge Award R 4 M P Sep 20/16 $7,000
Chips Commander Magoo Chips Commission Y 1 C T Sep 19/16 contact
Red Oaks Southwind Lustre Bay Oaks Y 1 C T Sep 19/16 contact
Justashady Fantasy Armbro Deuce Shadys Pro Best R 4 M P Sep 19/16 $7,000
Clone The Tone Sold Muscle Mass R Tonys Girl R 3 G T Sep 19/16 $8,000 +HST
Play With Passion Sold Shadow Play Passion Quizrace R 2 F P Sep 19/16 contact
Babies Gigolo Ameripan Gigolo Baby Boots R 5 M P Sep 19/16 $6,400
Sandinista Santanna Blue Chip Final Duel R 4 H P Sep 19/16 contact
Odds Western Three Sold Mach Three Odds On Ruthless R 3 F P Sep 19/16 $4,500
Bigmachwithcheese Betterthancheddar Olive Thompson W C P Sep 18/16 $25,000
Sarinato Donato Hanover Saria R 3 F T Sep 16/16 $20,000 +HST
Angora Seelster Holiday Road Amazing Adventure R 2 F T Sep 16/16 $25,000
No Makeup Sold Badlands Hanover Angel Artistry R 3 F P Sep 14/16 $6,500
Windsong Louis Jeremes Jet Windsong Eldorado R 4 G P Sep 14/16 $15,000
Boyonamission-UPDATED! Manofmanymissions Northern Kitti R 3 G B Sep 14/16 $11,000 +HST
Caught Me Speeding-UPDATED! Real Desire Babette Hall R 4 M P Sep 14/16 $7,000 +HST
Casimir Pardon Me Astronomical Trust Me Ashley R 3 F P Sep 14/16 $10,000
Saulsbrook Fresh Western Paradise Lasting Light R 2 F P Sep 14/16 $3,500
Mystical Topaz Donerail Yankee Tomboy B 12 M T Sep 13/16 contact
Love Scene Western Hanover Forbidden Love B 12 M P Sep 13/16 contact
Shez Promiscuous Muscle Mass Morethanaprincess R 4 M T Sep 13/16 $15,000
Fleetwould Mach Mach Three Allamerican Damsel R 3 G P Sep 13/16 $15,000 obo
Uncool Shadow Play Cool Place Hanover R 2 F P Sep 13/16 $8,000
Mystic Motion Sold Muscle Mass Mystic Allure R 2 G T Sep 13/16 $8,000
So Raven Sold Stonebridge Regal Todaysyourluckyday R 4 M P Sep 13/16 $8,500 +HST
Startistic Wonder-UPDATED! Artistic Fella Western Wonder Y 1 F P Sep 12/16 $20,000 obo
P L Dangerous Sold Cam Dunc Gently Hanover R 9 G P Sep 12/16 $6,000
Wallet Sniffer Sold Camotion Had To Have Her R 7 H P Sep 12/16 $2,800
Docs Baby Credit Winner Armbro Nursery R 3 F T Sep 12/16 contact
Magic Dancing Kadabra Stonebridge Dancer R 4 M T Sep 12/16 $12,000
Kitarro Southwind Lustre Shopaholic R 2 C T Sep 12/16 $25,000
Keen Edge Brandons Cowboy Allamerican Kelli R 3 G P Sep 12/16 $8,000 +HST
Crystal Gumdrop Angus Hall Crystas Dream R 2 F T Sep 9/16 $25,000 obo
Stonebridge Bonus Life Sign Stonebridge First R 8 G P Sep 9/16 $6,500
Ey Cowboy Brandons Cowboy Sweet Velocity R 3 C P Sep 9/16 $18,000
Camtelligent-REVISED! Camluck Oath Y 1 C P Sep 9/16 $30,000 obo
Man Shes Hot-REDUCED! Manofmanymissions No Sugar Tonight R 2 F T Sep 8/16 $30,000
C C Callmekelly Rambaran Uptown Call Girl R 7 M P Sep 8/16 $2,700
No Worries Mon Art Major Heathers Delight B 2 C P Sep 8/16 $25,000 +HST
Libertys Brandy Brandons Cowboy Dream Of Liberty R 3 F P Sep 8/16 $4,000
Mr Mach Jimmy-REDUCED! Mach Three Rosebud Stena R 3 G P Sep 8/16 $25,000
Malia Cornaro Dasolo Mary Irena R 3 F T Sep 7/16 contact
Sandy De Vie Mach Three Walk On The Beach R 3 F P Sep 7/16 contact
Bad Lightning Badlands Hanover Malocchio R 3 F P Sep 7/16 contact
St Lads Charger Sportswriter St Lads Sassy R 3 C P Sep 7/16 contact
Carrie The Torch Muscle Mass Torch R 3 F T Sep 7/16 contact
Kokanee Seelster Camluck Kiddie Cocktail R 3 C P Sep 7/16 $45,000 +HST
Mid Town Mickey Mach Three Mid Town R 3 G P Sep 7/16 $18,000
Dont Yank My Chain Yankee Cam Uptown Call Girl R 4 G P Sep 7/16 $14,000
Kyles Secret Secrets Nephew Jates Kate R 5 M P Sep 7/16 $25,000 +HST
Casimir Quartzdust Astronomical Casimir Goldust R 2 F P Sep 7/16 $8,000 +HST
Casimir Pure Grit Astronomical Merry Dragon R 3 C P Sep 6/16 $6,000
Little Carny Sold Carnivore So Shy R 3 G P Sep 6/16 $2,800
Racey Date Western Hanover Daten Time B 13 M P Sep 6/16 $12,000 +HST
The Muscle Touch Sold Muscle Mass Now And Always R 3 F T Sep 6/16 $25,000
Gentlemens Bet Sold Bettors Delight Misty Speed R 3 C P Sep 6/16 $12,000
Shanghai Warrior Big Jim Miss Shanghai R 3 G P Sep 6/16 $12,000
Crystal Girl Angus Hall Incredible Iam R 3 F T Sep 6/16 $18,000
Kinnderuntouchable Allamerican Native Lotsa Moxie R 2 F P Sep 6/16 $40,000 +HST
Fortunecookieslie Sold Mach Three Trys Lucky Lady B 3 C P Sep 5/16 $10,000 +HST
Victory Cry Brandons Cowboy Allamerican Viking R/B 3 F P Sep 4/16 $13,000
Blue Madonna Sold Donato Hanover Beyond Blue R 3 F T Sep 3/16 $6,000 +HST
Mischievous Me Sold Majestic Son Vakini R 2 F T Sep 3/16 $10,000
Donicus Sold Deweycheatumnhowe Flying Dove Cafe R 3 G T Sep 2/16 $12,500 obo
J J Dream Chasin Chasin Racin Farline Hanover R 3 F P Sep 2/16 $9,500 +HST
Critical Mass Muscle Mass Lukes Elvira R 2 G T Sep 1/16 $30,000
Kingstons Bad Boy Shadow Play Kingston Who Y 1 C P Sep 1/16 $35,000 +HST
Star Struck Luck Sold Western Maverick Tarin Seelster R 6 G P Sep 1/16 $5,300 +HST
Moon Dance Sold Holiday Road Maleficent R 4 M T Sep 1/16 $9,500
Twin B Bobbi May Sold Badlands Hanover Bobbi Mcgee R 4 M P Sep 1/16 $5,000 obo
Nashville Bluechip Deweycheatumnhowe Dream Buy R 3 F T Sep 1/16 contact
Warrawee Raven Sold Shadow Play Just Warrawee R 3 F P Aug 29/16 $10,000 contact
Dolce Panic Sold Major In Art Fine Time R 3 F P Aug 29/16 $3,000
Wicked Hill Rock N Roll Heaven Sebring Blue Chip R 2 F P Aug 29/16 $25,000
Six Flags Sold Bettors Delight KG Delight R 3 G P Aug 29/16 $16,000 +HST
Camps Bay Sold Major In Art Paradise Cove R 4 M P Aug 29/16 $20,000 +HST
Majestic Diva Majestic Son Not A Diva R 3 F T Aug 29/16 $16,000 +HST
Phoos Girl Badlands Hanover Miss Poole R 3 F P Aug 29/16 $20,000 +HST
Braida Hanover Dragon Again But I Like It R 2 F P Aug 29/16 $15,000
Wheres The Partyat Sold Duke Maccallum Dusty Lane Shelby R 3 G T Aug 27/16 $15,000 neg
Four Brass Starz Sold Four Starzzz Shark Sassy R 10 G P Aug 27/16 $4,000 neg
Conway Holiday Holiday Road Mary Todd Y 1 C T Aug 27/16 $40,000
Unitaliano Bi-Reduced! Manofmanymissions Nevis Bi R 3 G T Aug 26/16 $15,000 +HST
Antique Master Sold Vintage Master Queen Jodi R 3 G P Aug 25/16 $5,000
Shiftyn Georgie Rambaran Paradigm Shift R 9 G P Aug 25/16 $4,500
R Es Miss Amy Ameripan Gigolo Best Of Philly R 3 F P Aug 25/16 $17,000
Gilletle Mach Three Gotta Rocknroll R 3 F P Aug 25/16 $13,500 +HST
Sweet Kimmy - Reduced!! Holiday Road Chef Heartsalot R 2 F T Aug 25/16 $30,000 obo
Revonah Hanover Sold Striking Sahbra Remarkable Image R 8 G T Aug 25/16 $7,000
Michelles Hattrick Mach Three Luck Of Michelle R 3 F P Aug 24/16 $10,000
Proven To Be Bad Sold Proven Lover Tattoo Hanover R 3 F P Aug 24/16 $31,000
Exodus Seelster-REDUCED! Camluck Eagle Kelly R 2 G P Aug 24/16 $10,000
Big Ricky Big Jim Shez A Keeper R 3 G P Aug 24/16 $30,000
Treasured Moments - REDUCED!! Western Terror Numberone Treasure R 3 F P Aug 24/16 $12,000
HP Bushido Dragjet Sold Jeremes Jet Dragonosa R 4 G P Aug 24/16 $8,000 obo
Pavo Cornaro Dasolo Poppea R 3 G T Aug 23/16 $15,000 +HST
Brookdale Liz - REDUCED! Western Paradise Half Luck R 3 F P Aug 23/16 $15,000 +HST
Rustico Duchess Duke Maccallum Safe House R 3 F T Aug 23/16 $7,500

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