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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 112 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Attentiontodetail Angus Hall In For Along Haul Y 1 F T Sep 20/19 $12,000
Precision Blue Chip Bettors Delight Put On A Clinic R 4 G P Sep 20/19 $6,250
A Grand Terror Camystic Toxic Terror R 3 G P Sep 19/19 $15,000
Jds Double Dose Dali Jds Jazz Pizazz R 6 G P Sep 19/19 $9,500 obo
Miss Tq Glidemaster Queen Street Y 1 F T Sep 19/19 $32,500 obo
Miss Mira Beach Sunshine Beach Miss Old Vines Y 1 F P Sep 18/19 $20,000 firm
Mustang Beach Sunshine Beach Heavens Best Angel Y 1 C P Sep 18/19 $25,000 +HST
Planethanover Well Said Personal Ad R 3 G P Sep 18/19 $12,000 +HST
Lil Spitfire Sold Sunfire Blue Chip Major Delight B/R 3 F P Sep 18/19 $2,500 +HST
Take One To Go Bettors Delight Bon Ton Hanover R 3 F P Sep 17/19 $4,500
Son of Gracious Ameripan Gigolo C Ls Gracious Lady Y 1 G P Sep 17/19 bo
Debt Collector Holiday Road Burn A Debt R 3 G T Sep 17/19 $32,000 +HST
Stormont Charlotte-REDUCED! Justice Hall Countess Stormont R 4 M T Sep 17/19 $39,000 +HST
Duke Lavictoire Royalty For Life Kadabra Lavictoire Y 1 C T Sep 17/19 $28,000
Anthonys Beach Sunshine Beach Warrawee Lil R 3 G P Sep 17/19 $8,750 +HST
Lotties Got Sox Angus Hall Oaklea Nevada R 2 F T Sep 16/19 $22,500 obo
Rock N Roll Babe Sold A Rocknroll Dance Bangkok Babe R 4 M P Sep 16/19 $7,000 +HST
Donttellthawife Malicious Undine Hanover R 3 G P Sep 16/19 $9,500 obo
Oseemylucky Bo Camluck O See My Bo R 4 M P Sep 16/19 $15,000
Twin B Serenity Badlands Hanover Southwind Sugar B 6 M P Sep 16/19 $15,000
La Magic Kadabra Celebrity Sweedie R 3 G T Sep 13/19 $35,000 +HST
Anthem Seelster Mach Three Art Rock Cafe R 2 F P Sep 13/19 $35,000 +HST
Mach On Mach Three Angel In Disguise R 5 M P Sep 13/19 $6,000
Durham Town Mach Three Tampa Town R 4 G P Sep 13/19 $18,000 +HST
Mystical Mission Manofmanymissions Six Figure Dreams R 6 G T Sep 13/19 $30,000 +HST
If You Knew Susie Yankee Cruiser Simply Irrestible R 4 M P Sep 13/19 $8,000 +HST
Stonebridge Madona Artsplace Lady Joanna B 16 M P Sep 13/19 $12,000 +HST
Taragon Big Jim That Day R 3 G P Sep 13/19 $30,000 +HST
Harlot Seelster Windsong Espoir Hollywood Beauty R/B 5 M T Sep 13/19 $10,000 +HST
Jm Solitaire Sold Shadow Play Six Of Hearts B 7 M P Sep 13/19 $6,000 +HST
Signet - SOLD Sold Sportswriter Gold Not Silver R/B 3 M P Sep 12/19 $9,000
Kinross Kate AMERIPAN GIGOLO DIVINE JUSTICE R 4 M P Sep 12/19 $5,000
Amazon Dragon Sold Custard The Dragon Artoonist R 3 G P Sep 11/19 $16,000 +HST
Whata Foolbelieves Sold Betterthancheddar J M Solitaire R 2 G P Sep 11/19 $8,000 +HST
Sounds Perfect Artsplace Clear Copy B 18 M P Sep 10/19 $12,000 +HST
Ardyne Graysee Betterthancheddar Ardyne Phyllis Y 1 F P Sep 10/19 $15,000
Jen Neigh-REUDCED! Cornaro Dasolo Goingonby R 2 F T Sep 10/19 $12,000
Bettors Mark Sold Bettors Delight Shesaquestionmark R 6 G P Sep 10/19 $8,500 +HST
Rave On Art Major Gone Dancing R 13 G P Sep 9/19 $2,500 obo
Justice for Narnia Justice Hall Southwind Narnia R 3 C T Sep 9/19 $25,000 +HST
Hes A Littleterror Sold Classic Card Shark Quintella Y 1 C P Sep 9/19 $5,000 +HST
Sandoran Hall Sold Angus Hall Burn A Debt Y 1 G T Sep 9/19 $9,000 +HST
Barnum Wheeling N Dealin Rare Gift R 2 F T Sep 7/19 $22,000 +HST
Lizas Pride Ponder Real Excitement B 11 M P Sep 6/19 contact
Michelles Deuce - REDUCED Armbro Deuce Yahoo Du Ruisseau R 10 M P Sep 6/19 $5,000 +HST
Mrs Dragonfire Dragon Again Marena Hanover R 4 M P Sep 6/19 $7,800
Sunshine Catcher Sunshine Beach CAtch A Dragon R 3 G P Sep 6/19 $7,000 +HST
Prom King Ameriipan Gigolo Promise Me Hanover R 4 G P Sep 6/19 $12,500
Angelic Speed Archangel Digitized R 3 F T Sep 6/19 $25,000 +HST
She The North Sunshine Beach Western Jewel R 2 F P Sep 5/19 $22,500 +HST
Paris Rose Sold Sunshine Beach Rose Ruthless R 3 F P Sep 5/19 $9,000
P H Hippie - REDUCED Sportswriter Miracle Luck R 4 G P Sep 5/19 $12,000 obo
Manlicious Sold Malicious Azure Bluestone R 2 C P Sep 4/19 $10,000 +HST
Ally Flight Dali Alamode R 3 G P Sep 4/19 $7,000
J J Ella - REDUCED Image of Dawn Rock Solid Virtue R 3 F P Sep 4/19 $4,000 obo
Ultra Up The Credit Awesum Best Y 1 F P Sep 4/19 contact
U R Drivingme Nutz Up The Credit Trust Me Ashley Y 1 C P Sep 4/19 contact
Underpants Uniform Up The Credit Casimir Ladyhawke Y 1 F P Sep 4/19 contact
U R Asurpise Tome Up The Credit Itsa Surprise Tome Y 1 C P Sep 4/19 contact
Jedi Jack Sportswriter Blue Angel Cam R 3 C P Sep 4/19 $10,000 +HST
Miss Poole Cambest Skittles Blue Chip B 16 M P Sep 4/19 $8,000 +HST
Phoos On The Beach Sunshine Beach Miss Poole R 3 F P Sep 4/19 $5,000 +HST
Oxford Comma Sold Sportswriter Demotta Bing R 4 M P Sep 4/19 $15,000 +HST
The Yingyang-REDUCED Thinking Out Loud Rockin Alice Y 1 C P Sep 3/19 $5,000 obo
Betonawheelin Wheeling N Dealin Game On Hanover Y 1 F T Sep 3/19 contact
Order Mattie Angus Hall Order By Matilda R 3 F T Sep 3/19 $35,000 +HST
Revenue Neutral State Treasurer Spun Sugar Y 1 C P Sep 3/19 contact
The Time To Win Sold Western Ideal Cannae Cindy R 5 M P Sep 3/19 $10,000 +HST
Unprecedented Art Major Barbuda Babe R 4 G P Sep 3/19 $8,000 +HST
QuickcallBlue Chip Sold Roll With Joe Put On A Clinic R 3 G P Sep 3/19 $8,500
Big Joe Doby Electric Stena Boisdale Banshee R 5 G P Sep 1/19 $6,000 +HST
Gorrrilla Sold Camluck Swirly R 5 G P Sep 1/19 bo
Lexis Legend Sold Thinking Out Loud Lucky R 1 F P Aug 30/19 $7,000 +HST
Als Warrior Sold Prestidigitator Memories of Texas Y 1 C T Aug 30/19 $7,000 +HST
Press On Dynamite Sold Prestidigitator Lady Dynamite Y 1 F T Aug 30/19 $10,000 +HST
Erikas Treasure Sold State Treasurer Oh Chute Y 1 F P Aug 30/19 $7,000 +HST
Go Texas Go Sold Brazen Cloahs Go Go R 3 C T Aug 30/19 $4,500 +HST
Karmas LB Sold Badlands Hanover Simply Lucky R 3 F P Aug 30/19 $9,500 +HST
Desert Trick - REDUCED! Sportswriter Village Mirage R 3 F P Aug 30/19 $10,000 obo
Spare Seed Angus Hall Spare Me Please R 4 G T Aug 30/19 $22,500 +HST
Miss Chili Pepper Sold Dali Mary Rita Hanover R 3 F P Aug 30/19 $9,000 +HST
Articular Artiscape Kristina R 11 G P Aug 29/19 $3,300
Darth Bader Always A Virgin Miss Yankee Doodle R 9 G P Aug 29/19 $11,000
Allstar Seelster Artistic Fella Aqua R 8 G P Aug 29/19 $11,000
Kiss Me Im Irish Big Jim First Lady of Art R 2 F P Aug 29/19 $12,000
Royalty Again Royal Mattjesty Here Again R 3 F P Aug 28/19 $33,000 +HST
Royal Vista Sold Royalty For Life Shasta La Vista R 2 F T Aug 28/19 $12,000 +HST
Three Tiaras Sold Mach Three Princess Callie R 2 F P Aug 28/19 $8,000 +HST
Milo Man Sportswriter Maddies Bunny Y 1 C P Aug 27/19 bo
Paneria Hes Watching Lady Buckshot Y 1 C P Aug 27/19 bo
Tasteslikeanother Articulator Stonebridge Capri R 2 G P Aug 27/19 $8,500 obo
Fashion Week Western Terror Itsallchemistry B 13 M P Aug 26/19 $1,750
Prime Suspect The Panderosa Highest Bid B 15 M P Aug 26/19 $2,250 bo
Warrawee Quire Sportswriter warrawee jangle B 7 M P Aug 26/19 $2,250
SOS Shanghaiprince Sold Shanghai Phil Rosa Bonheur L A R 4 H P Aug 26/19 $5,500
Badger Bill Sold Lambretta Adorable Addiction R 2 G P Aug 26/19 $3,500 bo
Twomuchtobsaid Sold Squaws Fella Innocent Sahbra R 5 G P Aug 26/19 $6,500
Sporty Song Sportswriter Overture R 3 F P Aug 23/19 $16,000
Smoochies Credit Sold Up The Credit Kiss For Luck R 3 F P Aug 23/19 $15,000 +HST
Sunkissed Gal Sold Kadabra Tuscan Gal R 3 F T Aug 23/19 $15,000
Shadow Trainer Armbro Barrister Dusty Lane Shelby R 3 F T Aug 23/19 $16,000
Bobjohnski Western Paradise Blue Violet R 3 G P Aug 23/19 $17,500 +HST
Sos Bonne Voyage Shanghai Phil Pan Voyage Y 1 F P Aug 22/19 $15,000
Sos Northernbeauty Shanghai Phil Northern Queen Y 1 F P Aug 22/19 $10,000
Sos Faline Sportswriter Rosa Bonheur L A Y 1 F P Aug 22/19 $25,000
Sos Mya Archangel Paytheconsequences Y 1 F T Aug 22/19 $25,000
Sos Star Sold Shanghai Phil Star Siren Y 1 C P Aug 22/19 $12,000
Sos Jackpot Sold Sunshine Beach Miss Shanghai Y 1 C P Aug 22/19 $15,000
Sos Tatoe Crazed EL Miss Cindy Y 1 C T Aug 22/19 $15,000
Daddy Devito A Rocknroll Dance Otherpeoplesmoney R 2 G P Aug 21/19 $12,500 obo
Tobins Hope Varadero Hanover Ultimate Hope R 3 F P Aug 20/19 $12,000
Joyful Kate Sold Vintage Master Kates Joy R 4 M P Aug 20/19 $7,000

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