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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 100 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Red River Sal Betterthancheddar Olive Thompson Y 1 C P Aug 8/20 $15,000 neg
Bettors mark Bettors Delight Shesaquestionmark R 7 G P Aug 7/20 $7,000 obo
Valley Of Roses Rose Run Hooligan So Peachy W F P Aug 7/20 $12,000 HST inc
Alcatraz Seelster Wheeling N Dealin A Bit of Magic R 3 C T Aug 6/20 $22,000 +HST
B Dealin Wheeling N Dealin B Floind R 3 G T Aug 6/20 $15,000 +HST
Martinis Place Betterthancheddar Victorias Place R/B 3 F P Aug 6/20 $25,000 +HST
Heat Wave Hanover Sebastian K S Hotentrot Hanover R 3 F T Aug 5/20 $45,000 US
Thinkingofyoubabe Thinking Out Loud Goodnewsbabe R 3 F P Aug 5/20 $25,000
Infinity Stone Il Sogno Dream Magic factory R 2 C T Aug 4/20 $10,000 obo
Sogno Rocks Il Sogno Dream Cherimoya R 2 C T Aug 4/20 $15,000 obo
Kingofbrokenhearts Sold Western Terror Shimmer R 5 G P Aug 4/20 $15,000 +HST
Johnny Buckshot Il Sogno Dream Third Avenue Y 1 C T Aug 4/20 $20,000
Camlachie Chrome Sunshine Beach Gotta Love Her Y 1 C P Aug 4/20 $15,000
Gobigorstayhome Betterthancheddar Cheap Motel R 2 C P Aug 4/20 $18,000
Twin B Hello Sunshine Beach Chatelaine R 3 F P Aug 4/20 $15,000 +HST
Happy Royal Sold Royal Mattjesty Joy Luck Hall R 2 F P Aug 3/20 $7,500 neg
Maggie Muffin-REDUCED Sunshine Beach Popcorn R 3 F P Aug 2/20 $18,000 +HST
Why So Serious Sportswriter Knee Slapper R 3 G P Aug 2/20 $7,500
Rukiddnme Bluechip Muscle Mass Uh Oh Its Lindy R 3 G T Aug 1/20 $25,000 US
Somebodyswatchinme Sold Hes Watching Lady Dillinger R 3 G P Jul 31/20 $10,000 contact
First Heir Sold Kadabra Lady Love Hanover R 3 G T Jul 31/20 $15,000 neg
Quickcall Blue Chip Roll With Joe Put on a Clinic R 4 G P Jul 31/20 $8,000
Cant Be Better Sold Betterthancheddar J M Chicago R 4 G P Jul 29/20 $8,000
Feu D Artifice Sold Shadow Play Artistes R 5 M P Jul 29/20 $8,000 +HST
Massman Muscle Mass Palm Beach Chic R 3 G T Jul 29/20 $20,000 +HST
La Tout Petite Chapter Seven L Dees Scripture R 3 F T Jul 29/20 $18,000 +HST
Keep Ya Head Up Sold Archangel Northern Keeper R 3 F T Jul 29/20 $24,000 +HST
Freshette Hanover Sold Andover Hall Flexible Spending B/R 4 M T Jul 29/20 $18,000 +HST
Perfect Mile Sold Ameripan Gigolo Perfect Song R 3 G P Jul 28/20 $10,000
Maliciousdelicious Malicious Casimir Nighthawke R 3 C P Jul 28/20 $11,000
Pictonian Thunder Sold Rollwithitharry Southview Selena R 2 G P Jul 28/20 $5,000
Wrangler Cash As Promised W Jean R 7 G P Jul 28/20 $16,000 obo
Yourlipstogodsears Art Major Role Reversal R 6 M P Jul 27/20 $8,000
Kaddys Angel Muscle Mass I Like My Kaddy B 3 F T Jul 27/20 $12,000 +HST
Southwind Michigan Sportswriter Southwind Meredith R 3 C P Jul 27/20 contact
Cheap Night Out Shadow Play Free Admission R 3 C P Jul 27/20 contact
My Man Charlie Mach Three Break of Day S 12 S P Jul 27/20 contact
West River Ellie Sold Striking Lindsey Pannacotta Hanover R 3 F T Jul 27/20 $6,000
Bayonet Sold A rocknroll Dance Belle Boyd B 4 S P Jul 27/20 $10,000 +HST
Soleil Black Sportswriter J M Lasstax R 3 G P Jul 27/20 $14,000
State Senator - REDUCED State Treasurer Yoselin Seelster R 2 G P Jul 27/20 $25,000 +HST
Initial Concept - REDUCED Shadow Play Raquel R 2 C P Jul 27/20 $25,000 +HST
Zig Zag Royalty for Life Lady Donato R 4 G T Jul 27/20
PL Matt Kadabra PL Fairlady R 4 G T Jul 27/20
Rainman Blue Chip Sunshine Beach Peppermint Patti R 3 G P Jul 27/20 $16,000 +HST
Ok Moxie Sunshine Beach Ok Godiva R 2 F P Jul 27/20 $12,000 +HST
Ranger Hanover Somebeachsomewhere Razzle My Tazzle R 3 G P Jul 24/20 $8,500 firm
Fearsome Sold Sportswriter Fancy A Dream R 4 G P Jul 22/20 $12,000
Howmac Napoleon Sold Articulator Machintosh R 3 G P Jul 22/20 $17,000
Shadow Warrior Sold Shadow Play Sassafras Girl R 2 G P Jul 21/20 $25,000 +HST
Unnamed Holiday Road Charming to a Tee Y 1 F P Jul 21/20 $22,000 +HST
American Legend American Ideal Armbro Agakhan R 8 G P Jul 21/20 $7,000
Darling Please Sold Merchandiser Ms Medusa R 2 F T Jul 21/20 $28,000 +HST
Excuse Me Miss- REDUCED Dali Miss Microsox Y 1 F P Jul 21/20 $7,000 obo
Well Muscled Sold Muscle Mass Stage Fright R 3 C T Jul 20/20 $12,000 +HST
Watchmeneigh Hes Watching Tymal Vector R 3 C P Jul 20/20 $16,000 +HST
Sonny Day Lindy Crazed Ivory Lindy R 2 C T Jul 20/20 $12,000 obo
Littlebitaswagger Santanna Blue Chip Aspirine Semalu R 8 G P Jul 20/20 $15,000 +HST
Howmacfiesty Carnivore Bradelle R 7 M P Jul 20/20 $15,000 +HST
Modern Writer Sold Sportswriter Modern Cinderella R 3 C P Jul 20/20 $12,000 +HST
Julian I Am Sportswriter Beach Of A Time R 4 G P Jul 20/20 $10,000 +HST
Delcrest Brent Il Sogno Dream Northern Kitti Y 1 G T Jul 20/20 $18,000
Planet Hanover Sold Well Said Personal Ad R 4 G P Jul 20/20 $5,500 obo
Century Gigalo Sunshine Beach Exotic Pleasure R 3 G P Jul 20/20 $16,000 +HST
Beach Baby Bee Sold Sunshine Beach Bee Fullof Steinam R 4 G P Jul 20/20 $15,000
Lil Beau Duke Sunshine Beach Keystone Mystique R 4 G P Jul 19/20 $8,500
Belle Beach Sold Sunshine Beach Museum Treasure R 3 F P Jul 18/20 $10,000 obo
Tobins Edge Stonebridge Terror Hot Fusion R 2 G P Jul 17/20 $10,000 obo
Mantario Sportswriter Rocknroll Wishes R 4 G P Jul 17/20 $40,000 obo
Scotlynn Seelster Big Jim Shadows Wonder R 3 F P Jul 17/20 $22,000
Back in Time Vintage Master Bunkhouse Play R 2 F P Jul 17/20 bo
Sunshine Hall Sold Sunshine Beach Marnie Hall R 3 F P Jul 16/20 $20,000
Sorone Seelster Sold State Treasurer Shadows Wonder R 2 F P Jul 16/20 $10,000 +HST
Sportjet Ray Sportswriter Woes Jet Filly R 4 M P Jul 15/20 $7,500 +HST
Keystone Kaylee Sold A Rocknroll Dance Heavenly Killean R/B 3 F P Jul 15/20 $5,000
Need More Jewels D M Dilinger Luctors Mitzi B 18 M P Jul 14/20 obo
Enduring Words Artspeak Enduring Delight R 3 F P Jul 14/20 $6,000
Magical Anna Kadabra Swing Anna Chip B 9 M T Jul 14/20 $15,000 contact
Gracious Marla Sold Malabar Man Gracious Lobell B 21 M T Jul 14/20 $10,000 contact
Lady Oxford Sold Big Jim Miss Jeki R 6 M P Jul 14/20 $9,000
Desert Party Sold Bettors Delight Western City R 5 G P Jul 13/20 $7,000 +HST
W C Kenzie Cookie Camshaft Hanover Paps Miss Kenzie R 6 M P Jul 13/20 $7,000 +HST
Patwearsthepants Sold Big Jim Western Scorch R 4 M P Jul 13/20 $10,000 +HST
Mocodra Sold A Rocknroll Dance Oh Callie Omalley R 4 M P Jul 13/20 $15,000 +HST
In The News Sportswriter Winbak Isabella R 3 F P Jul 13/20 $30,000 +HST
Janes Love Perfect Union Janesbaby R 2 F P Jul 13/20 $7,000
Rommie Blue Chip Art Major Shadowmisty R 3 F P Jul 13/20 $10,000 +HST
Smooth Mara N Sold Lis Mara Smooth Asset R 8 G P Jul 12/20 $20,000
Croft Bay N Lis Mara Penscroft R 9 G P Jul 12/20 $25,000
Lola Montez Big Jim Sportsonthebeach R 2 F P Jul 10/20 $10,000 +HST
Sauble Ashley Sold L H STRYKER SAUBLE ADELLE B/R 7 M P Jul 10/20 $5,000
Sports Bliss Sportswriter Marnie Hall R 2 C P Jul 9/20 $15,000 +HST
Lofty Shadow Shadow Play Lofty Yankee R 2 C P Jul 9/20 $15,000 +HST
Y C Broadway Sold Broadway Hall Nadine Angus R 5 H T Jul 9/20 $12,000 +HST
Zarconia Seelster Shadow Play Dreamfair Zoya R 5 M P Jul 9/20 $15,000 +HST
Singular Case Sold Bettors Delight Chocolate Truffle R 3 C P Jul 8/20 $15,000 +HST
Trim The Sails Sportswriter Three Charms R 4 M P Jul 8/20 $12,000 +HST
Maidens Cove Sold Mach Three Whosluckierthanme R 3 F P Jul 8/20 $18,000 +HST
Buckingham Sold Sportswriter Real Heart R 4 M P Jul 7/20 $7,000 +HST
Oseemylucky Bo Camluck O See My Bo R 5 M P Jul 7/20 $7,000 +HST

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