TrackIT is a 'point and click' web-based service offered by Standardbred Canada, allowing users to get past performance lines, preliminary program pages, race results, pedigree information, sale pages (premium service) for standardbred racing in Canada and the US (click here for a sample). Also included in the package are current Canadian Entries and condition sheets together with a Claim inquiry which will give you the name and price of horses who are in claiming races at the tracks you specify and for the price you specify. TrackIT now allows you to control what you buy and when you buy it! This MUST be done using a credit card and is always paid in advance. Use of the credit card is secure – Standardbred Canada is NOT storing these credit card numbers – this information goes directly to the bank. (Note: Current TrackIT invoice users – if you wish to transfer to this new payment plan, please e-mail [email protected] or call 905-858-3060 x233.) To select the plan you wish to use or to add more credits to current plan then click on ‘My Account’ at the top of the TrackIT screen.

Credits/queries are typically defined as one successful inquiry. Premium inquiries (eg. sale pedigrees) cost more than one credit.
Note: All fees are subject to applicable taxes.
Per Year
- $55

To be Eligible you must be a person who is:

  • A Canadian Resident
  • A Standardbred Canada member in good standing as an Active, Breeder, Honorary, Life or Associate Groom member.

The Opt-In Plan gives you 125 credits per month for ONE YEAR. On the first day of each month, any remaining credits for the previous month will be removed. If you continue to remain eligible, 125 new expiring credits will be added. Click here for more info.

Note: All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Pay as you go allows you to buy a block of credits that never expire until used (A credit is generally one query).

- $22 for 25 credits (88 cents per credit)
- $33 for 50 credits (66 cents per credit)
- $60.50 for 100 credits (60.5 cents per credit)
- $110 for 250 credits (44 cents per credit)
Note: All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Monthly access allows you to pay a fixed fee per month for a fixed amount of credits. Any unused credits disappear at the end of the calendar month. Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month for the next month until you cancel this subscription.

- $38.50 for 500 credits (7.7 cents per credit)
- $60.50 for 1000 credits (6.05 cents per credit)
Note: All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

There is a separate price for premium credits - the Sale Pedigree Page is classed as a premium credit. Premium credits never expire until used.

- $27.50 for 10 premium credits ($2.75 per premium credit)
- $55 for 20 premium credits ($2.75 per premium credit)
- $137.50 for 50 premium credits ($2.75 per premium credit)

This package is for personal use only. The information you access from this package cannot be used for displaying on any internet site – in any form or re-sold to any third party. If you are interested please visit the trial signup form page. Once you have had your free trial and wish to sign up, just click "My Account" at the top of the TrackIT menu and follow the simple signup instructions. Any additional questions can be sent to Linda Henry or call (905) 858-3060 x233.

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