2024 Two-Year-Olds in Training - Prince Edward Island

Rick Armstrong, Summerside - PEI
Turn To Stone, G, Arthur Blue Chip - Classic Rock

Joe Baxter, Summerside - PEI
Bettim Alive, C, Lazarus N - Bettim Laura
Fern Hill Jubilee, F, Bet The Moon - Talbot Victoria
Howmac Maleficent, F, Malicious - General Luckypercy
JJ Lundy, C, Stag Party - Princess Rusty
JJ Nikki, F, Hilarious Halo - Feel At Home
Miss Believing, F, Believeinbruiser - Avid Yankee
Port Hill Felix, C, Arthur Blue Chip - Heather Loves NY
Saulsbrook Lynn, F, Malicious - Southwind Oasis
Timberlea Duke, C, Malicious - Duchess Killean
Twin Turbo Diesel, C, Stonebridge Terror - Elm Grove Future

Gilles Barrieau, Stratford - PEI
Howmac Hotty, F, All Bets Off - Red Hot Hill

Marc Campbell, Stratford - PEI
DJ Mustang, C, Betterthancheddar - Kellys Keepsake
DJ Cowboy, C, Stay Hungry - Western Jewel
Downbytheeastside, F, Downbytheseaside - New Album
Fern Hill Jazz, F, Bet The Moon - Caru Hanover
Mamas Pride, F, IL Sogno Dream - Rosa Parks
Phil My Beer, C, Shanghai Phil - Hazel
Stealing Apples, C, Papi Rob Hanover - Apple Hanover

Brendan Curran, Charlottetown - PEI
Arete Hanover, C, Greenshoe - Abbie Hall

Chris Davies, Summerside - PEI
Moon Bound, F, Bet The Moon - Village Bound
Red Cape Betty, F, Bet The Moon - JJ Maywest

Tyler DesRoches, Summerside - PEI
Sheshallnotbenamed, F, Malicious - She Got Game

Myles Heffernan, Charlottetown - PEI
Camco Tho, C - E L Rocket - Chuckys Princess
Elm Grove Tux, C - Bet The Moon - Miss Old Vines
Jafetica - F, Tobago Cays - Chiavanasca
Little Arrow, C, Wheeling and Dealin - Tell Laura
Lorne Valley Liv, F, Tobago Cays - JJ Tackoor
Pandemonic, F, Rollwithitharry - Panstakingly
Red Dirt Legacy, F, Shanghai Phil - Independant Gal
Rodger With A D, C, Arthur Blue Chip - Cute Hill

Jeff Lilley, Charlottetown - PEI
Bettim Special Cay, G, Tabago Cays - Bettim Vicky
Marc It Up, G, Sunshine Beach - On The Minute Mark

Ashley MacDonald, Alberton - PEI
Annabella Bianco, F, Muscle Mass - Laurels Dream
ApplePieMoonshine, F, Bet The Moon - Dapple Apple
Coola Boola, C, Bettors Wish - PJs Legacy
Huntington Beach, F, Huntsville - Johns Sunny Girl
Tailiur, C, Muscle Mass - July
To The Salon, F, Holiday Road - Charming Oaks
Uno Ace, C, Uno Jantara - Angel Way

Daniel MacDonald, Charlottetown - PEI
Dusty Lane Luna, F, EL Rocket - Starinthesky

Mike McGuigan, Charlottetown - PEI
Always A Good Bet, F, Bet The Moon - Toujours
Evil Lou, G, Dancin Lou - Evil Fight
Oceanview Nikki, F, EL Rocket - King Kong Kate
Red Dirt Rocket, F, Arthur Blue Chip - Shesaroyalbella
Redland Stranger, G, McWicked - Live Free Or Die
Saltwater Swinger, F, Bet The Moon - Shadow Dancer
Shin Dig, G, Bet The Moon - Female Finesse
Supreme Rockette, F, EL Rocket - Supreme Monarch
Susie Birt, F, Malicious - Chorale Hanover
Touch The Fire, F, Sunfire Blue Chip - Warrawee Upside

Emmons MacKay, Truro - PEI
Groovin Will, C, Roll With Joe - Who Moved The Rock
Sterling Choice, C, Betterthancheddar - Platinum Choice
Stonebridge Song, C, All Bets Off - Aria J

Lenny Myers, Charlottetown - PEI
Dusty lane Gus, C, E L Rocket - Pleasure Girls
Dusty Lane Kahlua, F, E L Rocket - Kims Pjs

Nicholas Oakes, Grove - PEI
Clarkies Shadow, G, Shadow Play - Lights Go Out
Dunsan Ryan, G, Hilarious Halo - Can Art
Elegant Gal, F, Rollwithitharry - Safety Net
Handle On You, F, Pang Shui - Fabulous Flirty
Principal Pallie, G, Pang Shui - Lyons Jewel
Shadow Me Once, F, Shadow Play - Mach Me Once
Vella La Vella, F, Pang Shui - Vanity
Woodmere Starlett, F, Bet The Moon - L Ts Magic

Phil Sizer, Summerside - PEI
Oceanview Fiona, F, Rollwithitharry - Southview Sally
Wardens Arthur, C, Arthur Blue Chip - Warden Woodie

Stephen Quinn, Charlottetwon - PEI
Memasamappo, F, Rollwithitharry - Mappos Moenhay
Zendayas Megxit, F, Rollwithitharry - Sunset City

Gregory Weatherbee, Charlottetown - PEI
Dusty Lane Levi, C, Lather Up - Rock Be A Lady

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