2024 Two-Year-Olds in Training - Ontario - A - L

Gary Adair, Burlington - Ontario
Wicked Hot Stuff, G, Mcwicked - Jet Hot Stuff

James Donnie Armitage, Dunrobin - Ontario
Armstead Fireball, G, Muscle Mass - Magical Anna

Mike Armstrong, Cardinal - Ontario
Gold Dealer, F, Wheeling N Dealin - Risk Seeker
Ohbabyletemrip, C, Sportswriter - Nancys Ace Mindale

David Bain, Woodslee - Ontario
Partly Cloudy, F, Dali - On A Cloud

Matt Bax, Campbellville - Ontario
All Valley, C, Walner - Monarchs Sequel
Belle Button, F, Chapter Seven - Ms Savannah Belle
Close Enough, G, Green Manalishi - Gliding Phoebe
Core Resolve, F, Resolve - Apple Magic
Dartford, F, Green Manalishi - Armatrading
Extended Session, C, Walner - Moms Millionaire
Film At Eleven, F, Greenshoe - Demoiselle Hanover
First Class Rule, G, Muscle Mass - Ruling Class
Long Legs, F, Green Manalishi - Legzy
Motown Joker, F, Trixton - Motown Muscle
Muscle Branch, F, Muscle Hill - Meadowbranch Jill
Nickle And Dime, G, Resolve - Parkhill NoCredit
Points In The Paint, F, Bar Hopping - Paint The Corners
Quill, G, Resolve - Confession Session
Southwind Caspian, G, Walner - Southwind Cabaret
Southwind Milk, F, Walner - Mimispearloflindy
Spice Trix, G, Trixton - Spice Queen
Telos, F, Father Patrick - On The Wild Side
Temptation Deo, F, Propulsion - Pandoras Box
Trix Serve, F, Trixton - Mauresmo
Vowel For Vanna, F, Resolve - Harlequine Seelster

Clark Beelby, Flamborough - Ontario
Blue Heron, C, Archangel - Too Good For You
Entertain Me, F,  Walner - Tric Trac
Gritty Hanover, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Grits N Seven
Its Not My Vault, F, The Bank - Moms Apple Pie
Life As It Comes, C, Six Pack - Sherry Lyns Lady
The Time Machine, C, Green Manalishi S - Time After Time

Dennis Belan, Oil Springs - Ontario
Jimmy Hooffa, G, Big Jim - Campassion

Stephen Bossence, Dorchester - Ontario
Eartha K, F, Muscle Mass - Ella
Fishermans Blues, C, Cantab Hall - Fortunes Of Fables
Life Coach, G, Muscle Hill - Lindy Splendor
Nasa, C, Propulsion - Santa Fe
P L Spencer, G, Resolve - P L Indyanaca
Queen Suzy, F, Dover Dan - Lisas Mission

Jared Bothwell, Guelph - Ontario
Dream Shot, F, Sportswriter - The Assassinator

Nicholas Boyd, Guelph Ontario
Brydown Uno, G, All Bets Off - Akissfromtheart

Paul Cameron, Guelph - Ontario
Pink Sky, F, Shadow Play - Pink Is Perfect
Selfie Stick, F, Mcwicked - My Little Art
Tymal Banner, F, Sunshine Beach - Flying Colour

Gino Cicero, Melancthon - Ontario
Johnny Be Quick, C, Big Ban John - Milliondollar Babe

Jamie Copley, Kenmore - Ontario
Amicable Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Attitude Hanover
Arson Seelster, G, Sportswriter- Azure Seelster
Da Alexander, G, Green Manalishi - Adina
Eyes Wide Open G Trixton - Juanitas Fury
Fashion Plate, F, Lazerus N - Fashion Mystery
Lucid, F, Trixton - Lindylicious
Mc Chick F, Mcwicked - Cruisin Northwest
Muk Tuk Annie F, Artspeak - High Society Hanover
Mussels Frm Heaven, F, Musselsfrmbrussels - J High
Scandia Hannibal, G, Sportswriter - Lucky Taryn
Strange Addiction, G, Tall Dark Stranger - Gallic Sea
Th Rita Lou, F, Dancing Lou - Caritas Easel

Peter Core, Sarnia - Ontario
Diamond Bank, F, The Bank - Tymal Diamond
Kathmandu, F, Sportswriter - Cards That Count
Numismatist, G, Betterthancheddar - Misty Moonstone
Wayne Stone, G, Big Jim - Molly Moonstone

Meg Crone, Puslinch - Ontario
Freed From Desire, F, Big Jim - Lifeisalady
Ibelieveinangels, F, Green Manalishi S - Angel Eyes Hanover
Play Hard, F, Shadow play - Maduras Delight
Soul Stealer, C, Green Manalishi S - Ever Gorgeous
Wickedly Smart, F, McWicked - Badlands Jenna

Jack Darling, Cambridge - Ontario
Athleta, F, All Bets Off - Life Book
Better Be All In, F,  Bettors Delight - Eitherurinorurnot
Control Rocks, C, Control The Moment - Katie Rocks
D A Loveboat, C, Captain Crunch - Addicted To Love
D A Players Delight, C, Shadow Play - Shellys Delight
D A Super Glo, C, Dancin Lou - Vivid Shine
Duchess Deo, F, Papi Rob Hanover - Everyones Watching
Easy Out Hanover Hanover, F, Papi Rob Hanover - Edra Hanover
Happy Play, C, Shadow Play - Respectedandbeloved
Night Sight, F, Tall Dark Stranger - Sight To See
Teluride Hanover, C, Papi Rob Hanover - Thisorthat Hanover
Touchandgo Hanover, C, Captain Treacherous -Touchamatic

Paul Davies, Arthur - Ontario
Better In Heels, F, Betterthancheddar - Black Stilletoes
Brittas Best Bet, F, All Bets Off - Tantalizing Trish
Fast Snap, G, Archangel - Candidcamerakosmos 
Holyfield Hanover, C, Stay Hungry - Hottie Hanover
Mega Fabulous, G, My Mvp - Ladycane
Wicked Move, G, Mcwicked - Ireneonthemove
Wings Of Green, F, Green Manalishi - Sensual Hall

Jamie Doig, Petrolia - Ontario
Msweezyfrmosleazy, F, Artspeak  - SusieQfrmdaliwho
R Lilly, F, Dali - Youre Likeadream
Sun Of A Joe, C, Sunfire Bluechip - JM Chicago

Andree-Anne Fontaine, St Catharines - Ontario
Full regalia, C, Royalty For Life - Hilarious Honey

Francis Dumouchel, Ingersoll - Ontario
Beach Games, F, Sunshine Beach - Shes Game
Dorris Desbi, F, McWicked - Barockey
TH Monica, F, Green Manalishi - Bluebird D Train
Twin B Alliance, G, Always B Miki - Twin B Epic
Twin B Courageous, C, Papi Rob Hanover - In The Pink
Twin B Flame, F, Captain Crunch - Ab Fab
Twin B Levitate, F, Fear The Dragon - Tech Trade
Twin B Lively, F, Lazarus N - Telltale Hanover

Mark Etsell, Erin - Ontario
Hay Dad, G, Muscle Mass - Hay Darlene
Hey Trixie, F, Trixton - Keystone Taylor
Horse Tradin, G, Wheeling N Dealin - SOS Respect
Lilly Lace, F, Muscle Mass - Day Lily
Movie Buff, F, Archangel - Major Muscle
Muscle Spasm, G, Muscle Mass - Windsong Nolwenn
Shutter Green, G, Green Manalishi S - Perfect Summer K
Sound N Vision, G, Royalty For Life - Tommi My Girl
Sweet Emily T, F, Six Pack - Sweet Ashley T
Tymal Emerald, F, Green Manalishi S -Tymal Rein
Tymal Overdrive, F, Muscle Mass -Tymal Zsa Zsa
Uncensored, C, Father Patrick - Standing My Ground
YS Queen Beth, F, Muscle Mass - Madrid Seelster

Kyle Fellows, Rockwood - Ontario
Talia Seelster, F, Archangel - Tymal Timeout

Dominique Gladu, Guelph - Ontario
Winchester Phoenix, C, Bettors Delight - Giggle Hanover

Clayton Graham, Hanover - Ontario
Sports Power, C, Sportswriter - More Power Rusty

Pam Goodale, Barrie - Ontario
Allstar Twinkle, F, Sportswriter - Its A Surprise Tome
Century Loch Ness, F, Muscle Mass - Ladydini

Nello Guglielmi, Melancthon - Ontario
Wellthandoit, C, Sunshine Beach - Doinsomethingright

Clinton Guitard, Puslinch - Ontario
Stonebridge Praise, C, Green Manalishi S - Stonebridge Encore

Jessica Hayter, Guelph - Ontario
Dancin For Gold, F, Dancing Lou - McArdles Gold
Trix Up My Sleeve, C, Trixton - Meadowbranch Vicki

Shannon Henry, Arthur - Ontario
Lexus Legacy, C, Trixton - Lexus Helios
Mega Generous,  C, Trixton - L Dees Scripture
Southwind Capone,  C, Muscle Hill - Counter Pointe
The Green Book,  F, Green Manalishi - Classic Belle
TH Lee, C, Green Manalishi - Pink Fringes

Ben Hollingsworth, Cambridge - Ontario
Mai Tide, F, Mcwicked - Tide Her Over

Roy Jeffries, Rockwood - Ontario
Validus, F, Green Manaleshi S - Amoreena

Keith Jones, Midhurst - Ontario
Alarming, F, Alarm Detector - JN Daytona
Dagrassaintgreener, C, Green Manalishi - Mallelujah
Georgia Seelster, F, Muscle Mass - Galaxy Seelster
Green Christmas , G, Green Manalishi - Christmas Candy
Northern Drifter, C, Muscle Mass - Dover Miss
Sweet Lady May, F, Green Manalishi - Lady Marian
Tymal Greenman, G, Green Manalishi - Tymal Tempest
Winx Blue Chip, F, Muscle Mass - Grand Canyon

Brittany Kennedy, Dorchester - Ontario
LookUpAtTheSky, G, Dancin Lou - Flight Of An Angel
Solitary Dancer, F, All Bets Off - Sportika

Schae Kelly, Ottawa - Ontario
Lady Liz, F, Sportswriter - Lady Jackie

Lindsey Kerr, Dorchester - Ontario
Alamo Seelster, C, All Bets Off - Absolute Heaven
Intuit Seelster, C, Big Jim - I C Maggie May
Wicked Spark, F, McWicked - Got Some Spark

Dan Lagace, Puslinch - Ontario 
Artful Dodger, C, Green Manalishi S - Labrynth Seelster
Captain Connor, C, Captaintrecherous - Jarods Joy
Looking For A Job, F, Bettors Delight - Myluvmylife
Miso Hanover, C, Stay Hungry - Musicale Hanover
Papis Opinion, F, Papi Rob Hanover - Strong Opinion
Pop On Top, C, Papi Rob Hanover - Apogee Hanover
Reckless Abandon, F, Cattlewash - Reclamation
The Ace Queen, F, American Ideal - Trip Aces Hanover
Waffle Bluechip, C, Sweet Lou - Vicinity
You Got It Kemp, C, Muscle Mass - Speed Titan

Patrick Lang, Puslinch Ontario
Dewitt For Johnny, C, Royalty For Life - A Sundae On Sunday
Magnificentmadlin, F, Green Manalishi - Too Busy to Care

Richard Lareau, Hamilton - Ontario
Trinidad, C, Lazarus N - Fox Valley Lena

Michelle LeBlanc, Guelph - Ontario
Century Lotus, F, Shadow Play - Up Front Holly

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