Importing & Exporting Horses



After Agriculture Canada’s required quarantine period and federal veterinarian’s documentation are completed, Standardbred Canada (SC) requires specific regulations be followed in order to have an Export Certificate issued to the Standardbred Regulatory Body of the importing country for all horses being exported through Canadian borders. These regulations are as follows:

  1. Upon receiving a signed declaration from the exporter including the description of the horse and copies of its Health Certificate and Coggins Test, the Association will grant an Export Certificate for a horse being exported to a country other than the United States providing: :
    (i) the horse is registered with the Association in the current ownership of the foreign buyer;
    (ii) the certificate of registration, if issued, in current ownership of the foreign buyer of the horse, is presented to the Association; and
    (iii) an export fee of $478.02 + HST ($540.16) for issuance of an Export Certificate, is paid to Standardbred Canada
  2. Upon completion of these regulations, Standardbred Canada will issue an Export Certificate, to the respective regulatory body of the final importing country, via electronic transmission. Said certificate will include the breeding details, registered ownership, earnings, race record, racelines & DNA Typing identification and the respective markers.
  3. No Export Certificate will be granted for a horse that is not tattooed or freeze branded or microchipped in a manner prescribed by Standardbred Canada.
  4. No Export Certificate will be granted to an embryo/ovum transfer donor mare until such time as the recipient mare has foaled.

NOTE: Any mare or horse imported to a UET country for breeding, after January 1, 2012, shall be tested, based on the hair testing method, for anabolic steroids and/or growth hormones. Any mare or horse tested positive for anabolic steroids or growth hormones may be excluded from breeding.



If you are intending to import a horse to Canada from any country whose registry has been approved by Standardbred Canada, you must follow the following regulations:

  1. Only horses registered in the following foreign registries can be approved for registration with Standardbred Canada:
  • Sociedad Rural Argentina (Argentina)
  • Australian Harness Racing Council (Australia)
  • Federation Belge du Trot (Belgium)
  • Dansk Travsports Centralforbund (Denmark)
  • Suomen Hippos R.Y. (Finland)
  • Societe d’Encouragement l’Elevage du Cheval Francais (France)
  • Hauptverband fur Traberzucht und Rennen E.V. (Germany)
  • The Standardbred and Trotting Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland (STAGBI)
  • Stichting Nederlands draf-en Rensport (Holland)
  • Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Del Cavallo Trottatore (Italy)
  • New Zealand Harness Racing Conference (New Zealand)
  • Det Norske Travelskap (Norway)
  • Svenska Travsportens Centralforbund (Sweden)
  1. Standardbred Canada must receive an Export Certificate, from the national regulatory body of the country of export. The Export Certificate must contain details of the breeding, ownership, earnings, racelines, summaries and the DNA and/or Blood Typing markers confirming parentage verification.
  2. A horse registered as Standard in an approved foreign registry, is eligible for Standard registration with Standardbred Canada.
  3. A horse imported from a country other than the United States is not eligible for registration unless it was identified by application of a permanent mark in the form of a lip tattoo or freeze brand before leaving its country of origin.
  4. An import registration fee of $430.19 + HST ($486.12) is paid to Standardbred Canada.
  5. After an imported horse is registered with Standardbred Canada, it must be identified by a Standardbred Canada Identification Technician by DNA testing.

Following the above procedures for exporting and/or importing horses will streamline the required documentation procedure to the satisfaction of all concerned.


For further information on exporting horses, please contact:

Linda Henry: 905-858-3060, Ext. 233 [email protected]

For further information on exporting horses, please contact:
Amy Davis: 905-858-3060, Ext. 247 [email protected]


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